A Chowhound from Guyana, hankering for the tastes and textures of the old country, has found them in a standout flatbread from Queens’s Little Guyana.

At Guyana’s Brown Betty, the Indian-by-way-of-the-Caribbean oil roti are as good as they get, Sprucegrouse reports—”flaky as phyllo but chewy as well.” On a stretch of Liberty Avenue that’s home to better-known West Indian destinations, this modest bake shop is an “understated gem” that belongs in the conversation with perennial contenders like Sandy’s and Singh’s. Also on the brief menu are the Chinese-inspired dishes popular around the neighborhood, like fried rice and chow mein fired up with spicy, sweet Indian seasonings.

Guyana’s Brown Betty [Richmond Hill]
132-04 Liberty Avenue (at 132nd Street), Richmond Hill, Queens

Photo by Mark Hokoda

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