A day after the news about the New York City Health Department’s proposal to ban trans fats in restaurants was first reported, the Crisco is really hitting the fan. News outlets from Beijing to Boston are weighing (heh) in on the topic.

The New York Times’ follow-up (registration required) by Thomas J. Lueck and Kim Severson hits several NY eateries that have already replaced the trans fats, a move the Health Department has been recommending for the past year.

Let me tell you, it is healthier, the product does taste better,” said Sanford Levine, 64, who owns the Carnegie Deli and has found alternatives to almost all its cooking oils and shortenings that contained high amounts of artificial trans fats. “Nobody has complained so far,” he said.

Still, more than half the restaurants in NYC still use trans fats, according to the article, and the Health Department may be in for some legal wrangling, courtesy of large fast-food purveyors.

For the most part, the reaction has been stronger on political websites than food sites. Bloggers on the right are quick to indict the “leftist busybodies.” The terms “fascism” and “nanny state” are getting a workout today, too.

Lost in the shuffle: The Health Department also wants restaurants to list the calories on its menus and menu boards. Wouldn’t a little box with a hugely high number in it look spiffy on the menus in New York’s fanciest eateries?

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