Nobody on TV knows global travel better than CBS’s The Amazing Race, just like nobody knows food adventures better than our amazing community of user food experts, Chowhound. To celebrate great food and great travel, CHOW has teamed up with Amazing Race All-Stars host Phil Keoghan, just in time for the launch of a new season of the long-running show on Sunday, February 23. Here on CHOW, Phil will document his food adventures throughout the journey, as we share Chowhound favorites from the same locales. Think of it as your Express Pass to amazing food-adventure Pit Stops!


• Guangzhou is the historic capital of Cantonese cuisine, with an amazing night market (pictured at top). For the city’s best sweet and sour pork, head to Guangzhou Restaurant. This 79-year-old institution also gets a thumbs-up for the weng chang chicken, stir-fried milk curd, stir-fried bamboo, and milk tarts for dessert.

• For lighter fare, dive into Cantonese seafood dishes such as raw sea-bass served sashimi style and crab roe with fresh bean curd. One Chowhound recommends a visit to Hotel Fisher, home to a great selection of fresh seafood at Fisher Village restaurant.

Yinji Rice Noodle Rolls Store is a small chain with multiple locations scattered throughout Guangzhou, known for cheung fun. The beef and pork versions are both good, but avoid the mediocre congee.

• Despite the potential tourist-trap location of Tang Li Yuan’s scenic locale in the Liwan Gardens, it gets a solid endorsement from Chowhounds. This is more than just a pretty place to eat on the lake.

• Panfu Lu road is one of Guangzhou’s great restaurant rows, and Xin Tai Le is one of the most famous destinations on the strip. Seek out the eel specialties and famous fatty pork dish, beloved by Chowhounds.

• Finally, craving chicken? Look no further than Ji Cun for amazing steamed chicken. The restaurant can be a bit difficult to find, and the menu even trickier to navigate, so try to enlist a local if possible.

Read about Chowhounds’ great food adventures in China, and remember to tune into The Amazing Race on CBS this Sunday, February 23, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, 7 p.m. CT.

Night market photo by Flickr member Ray Smith under Creative Commons; dim sum photo by Flickr member Bing under Creative Commons

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