What do you eat when a snowpocalypse hits? The diner is closed; so’s the bodega. When you fight your way home and notice the power’s been out all day, that 10-pack of freezer chicken thighs is good for one thing only: the bittersweet thrill of sending them down the trash-chute luge. If you didn’t plan ahead, laying in a winter food survival kit for just such an occasion, you’ll spend the next 18 hours spooning canned salmon onto a sleeve-end of stale saltines.

So what’s your ideal snowpocalypse survival kit? For CHOW’s Tracy Kaplan, who grew up on the East Coast, it’s boxed mac ‘n’ cheese, chocolate chip cookie mix, instant cocoa with marshmallows (stale’s not optimal, though still workable), eaten by candlelight, shawled in an afghan. If your freezing fingers are still limber enough to type in those Bob Cratchit cut-off gloves, use the discussion box below to tell us about your ideal winter food survival kit (extra credit for pics). Stay safe, people! The thaw is coming—eventually.

Photos by Chris Rochelle / CHOW.com

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