best veggie taco recipe ideas (cauliflower taco recipe)
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These are some of the very best veggie taco recipes for Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, and beyond, specifically designed to showcase the last summer produce before it’s gone, as well as some of the first early fall fruits and veggies. Tacos are an equal opportunity dish, after all.

Taco's Tag-Along4 Rules for the Best Salsa Every Time, Even without a RecipeSince the beginning of time, figuring out quick fixes to life’s smallest problems has been intricately woven into the human experience. Items and ideologies in equal measure have graced the list of the most successful quick fixes: things such as duct tape, along with notions such as “just turn it off and turn it back on again” have kept our belongings and services hobbling along. Foodstuffs as well have been inspiration for many a genius fix: “just scrape the edges off” and “pickle it” are up there as highly successful ones.

Here’s a nominee for best new food quick fix 2020: “Put it in a taco.”

Seriously, name something edible that would not benefit from becoming a taco? Go ahead, I’ll wait…Tacos are a near perfect confluence of flavor, texture, temperature, and balance, which can support just about any food group. (Choco Taco. I rest my case.) In the late summer/early fall season of myriad produce abundance, this has never been more urgent or relevant. Running out of ways to utilize the latest vegetable haul from the farm share or your own garden? Put it in a taco. Trying to find ways to get your kids to eat more veggies? Put it in a taco. Does your Taco Tuesday need rejuvenation from the same-old same-old? Put veggies in a taco.

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Best Veggie Taco Recipes

As if you need more convincing, here are 11 taco recipes to show how vegetables were basically born to be nestled in a loving tortilla:

Cauliflower Tacos

cauliflower tacos with crema


Cauliflower has long since won the Most Versatile award, with its chameleon-like ability to masquerade as a vegetable, rice, pizza crust, even steak. Here it continues to show flexibility by laying on flavor and texture until it’s basically unrecognizable from its pure, pale form, and when put in a taco, it becomes a spicy, crunchy, DIVA. Get our Cauliflower Tacos recipe

Summer Squash and Poblano Tacos


These veggie beauties from Chef Luis Flores from Uno Dos Tacos in San Francisco utilize not just one or two, but four veggies from the garden, including some of the most prolific producers such as squash and peppers, plus an invitation to use up some leafy greens for garnish as well. This is as much in the spirit of “put it in a taco” as a single taco can possibly hope for. Get the Summer Squash and Poblano Tacos recipe.

Zucchini Blossom Tacos

squash blossom taco quesadilla recipe


Speaking of prolific, zucchini is one of those legendary crops that produces so abundantly as to cause otherwise friendly neighbors to participate in nefarious drive-by activities, offloading stacks of zucchini onto others’ porches when they aren’t looking. One way to return harmony to the neighborhood is to cut off the zucchini at the blossom stage, a delicate veggie in its own right that is tasty as it is manageable in size. And as perhaps goes without saying (but we’re doing it anyway), deserves to be put in a taco. Get our Zucchini Blossom Tacos recipe

Mushroom and Chile Tacos


A vegetable taco to convert the meat lover: thick slabs of portobellos are spiked with cumin and oregano for succulent, savory tacos with big bite energy. Bonus recipes for Pickled Red Onions and Pickled Jalapeños mean that not only did you utilize “put it in a taco” mentality, but also “pickle it” in the same dish. (You over-achiever.) Get our Mushroom and Chile Tacos recipe

Spicy Squash Tacos

butternut squash taco recipe


You can save some of your butternut squash for cooler weather recipes such as soup and lasagna, but while the evening air is still this side of warm why not…what’s that? Yes. Put it in a taco! Also file under “low effort/high impact.” Get our Spicy Squash Tacos recipe

Fried Avocado Tacos


Okay this is almost cheating, since the natural decadence of these tacos supersedes any notions of “Look, Ma! I’m eating vegetables!” Step one: Take a universally beloved item such as avocado. Step two: Deep fry it. Step three: Put it in a taco. What could be better? Get our Fried Avocado Tacos recipe.

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Vegan Crack Broccoli Tacos

When the addiction-evoking term “crack” is applied not only to the word vegan, but also to broccoli? You would have every right to harbor suspicions. But I’ll be damned, these tangy, crunchy nuggets of broccoli barbecue goodness may very well prove addictive, and once you put them in a taco? Crack indeed. Get the Vegan Crack Broccoli Tacos recipe

Taco Tomatoes

And now for a brief flipping of the script. Tomatoes are here to prove that not only can you put it in a taco, but you can put a taco in it. What better way to pay tribute to all those glorious, knobby, flavorful heirlooms still hanging on this time of year? Get the Taco Tomatoes recipe.

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Grilled Eggplant Tacos

Fun fact, eggplant and tomatoes come from the same family of vegetables known as nightshades. Siblings, by nature, are often very competitive. So it’s no surprise given the Taco Tomatoes above that eggplants should be keen to prove how they too, can be the shell for your taco filling. Get the Grilled Eggplant Tacos recipe

Mexican Street Corn and Sweet Potato Tacos

I feel that there was a time, not that long ago, when the majority of Americans were not yet wise to the glory of Mexican street corn. Fortunately, that dark time has ended, and furthermore, we have entered the part of the Venn Diagram where Mexican street corn meets “put it in a taco” mentality. Age of Enlightenment, indeed. Get the Mexican Street Corn and Sweet Potato Tacos recipe.

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Potato Tacos with Massaged Kale

Guys, if we did a vegetable-themed recipe round up without kale, would it even count? Here, kale gets a massage before you put it in a taco, like the complete rock star it is. Get the Potato Tacos with Massaged Kale recipe.

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