What happens when two food-obsessed eGullet members fall in love? They spend a week eating their way through Seattle, they prepare dinner for friends, they even challenge each other to an Iron Chef–style cook-off. And they blog the whole thing.

Follow the adventures of Lorna and Henry as they sample so much food and high-quality chocolate, it might just make your head spin. From an impressive potluck with eGullet friends, to a sentimental trip to Salumi and a visit to a truly amazing private cookbook collection, the week unfolds as a food lover’s delight.

The depth of knowledge between the pair is astounding, and they both have delightfully strong opinions. The only real question—besides who won the Iron Chef title—is how they manage to stay so trim after such prodigious eating.

This blog is not for the meek of stomach, so be forewarned. The rest of you may just find yourself signing up for eGullet afterward, looking to start a little foodie romance of your own.

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