Cranberry sauce is a popular condiment in sandwiches, of course, but not just turkey sandwiches: hounds love it in cheese, pork, and peanut butter sandwiches, too.

Cranberry sauce is good for breakfast, too, mixed with yougurt and granola, or as an oatmeal topping.

Many like to use leftover cranberry sauce in desserts or baking. Warmed cranberry sauce, perhaps with a splash of Grand Marnier, is great over ice cream or pound cake. bolivianita uses it in muffins, adding a middle layer of cranberry sauce between two scoops of muffin batter. Others recommend recipes for apple-cranberry crumb pie, cranberry swirl coffeecake, and cranberry almond coffeecake.

On the savory side, sixelagogo makes a cranberry vinaigrette with cranberry sauce, red wine vinegar, and olive oil that works well with peppery greens. zorra browns chicken or pork chops with some chopped onion, then simmers it in cranberry sauce and red wine or orange juice until done. Jpan99 makes a cranberry burgundy sauce she says goes great with ham: Mix about 2 cups cranberry sauce with 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 1/2 tablespoons mustard and about a cup of burgundy. Cook and reduce until thickened.

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