At Porky’s, the pig’s the thing, unsurprisingly. Following a hound tip, kjs wandered into this place and found excellent, smoky and tender pulled pork. It makes a good sandwich too, with a boatload of BBQ sauce.

Brisket has some gristly bits, but wilp says it’s usually awesome. Ribs are spice-rubbed, meaty and tender. Nothing comes up short on flavor.

Chicken dishes look good–smoked and fried–but no one ever seems to get around to trying them.

Sides tend to be on the sweet side. Dirty rice is really good, slaw is above average and macaroni and cheese standard-issue stuff. Potato salad is the mustardy kind, and tastes like there’s a touch of curry in there, too.

Prices are kind of high for ‘cue, but you get a lot: a combo plate of two kinds of meat, Texas toast and two sides is $18. But that’s 12 ounces of meat, guaranteed. A more economical option is a sandwich: the pulled pork one is just $5.

Porky’s BBQ [South LA]
801 E. Manchester Blvd., Inglewood

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