Cooking Papa in Foster City is known for Cantonese barbecue meats, but you might want to go a different route and preorder the rice-stuffed chicken for your next family dinner. Chowhound user Tabetai yo visited recently and breaks down the details: Order the chicken three days in advance for $45, and you’ll also be able to reserve a table at this busy restaurant, with a view over a canal.

What’s so great about this chicken? The textures are just right: Crispy skin, soft meat, and rendered fat show skill in the kitchen, and the sticky rice stuffed into the deboned bird is perfectly toothsome. Ditch the goopy shiitake-flavored sauce that comes on the side, since it obscures the perfect flavors already on the platter.

Thomas Nash thinks several dishes are especially fine here, giving the nod to the Peking duck, wide variety of rice rolls, and outstanding broth in the shrimp wonton soup. Foster City is about a 15-minute drive from San Francisco International Airport, so keep it in mind for your post-flight refreshment.

Cooking Papa [Peninsula]
949A Edgewater Boulevard, Foster City

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Photo from Cooking Papa

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