Late spring is peak season for rhubarb, and in addition to baking it into pies and cooking it into compotes, Chowhounds are transforming its stalks into beverages, with and without alcohol.

A spoonful of sweet-tart rhubarb syrup (pictured) lends a pretty pink blush and bright flavor to a glass of Prosecco, a drink that’s even better with a splash of the orange-and-rhubarb-flavored apéritif Aperol, Breadcrumbs says. Chowhound foodieX2 uses rhubarb syrup in a margarita made by mixing one part each syrup, pink grapefruit juice, and silver tequila with a half part triple sec and lime juice to taste.

Sipping “raw” rhubarb syrup—made by puréeing raw rhubarb with water, straining the mixture, and very briefly simmering it with sugar—in a glass of sparkling water and gin is a rite of spring for csdiego.

For a tarter alternative, cook up some unsweetened rhubarb juice. A few tablespoons added to sparkling water “tastes very clean, like a spring tonic,” ElsieB says. And HillJ freezes it into ice cubes, which she says make a pretty and delicious addition to lemonade.

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