Since it opened a couple of years ago, Heidi’s House has quietly built a following of uptown locals who drop in for simple, well-made comfort food, a glass or two of beer or wine, or maybe a quick round of Battleship at the crowded bar. Some go for the burger: rough-chopped grass-fed sirloin and chuck, nicely seasoned with salt and pepper and accompanied by onion, lettuce, and tomato (plus bacon or organic white cheddar, if you like). “Not fancy nor big, but its beauty lies in the simplicity of the ingredients and prep,” ipsedixit reports on Chowhound. “At $13 it is a bargain and maybe a steal when a place like Minetta Tavern will charge you $17 for their signature eponymous burger. Only downside is that it’s on an English muffin, but I quibble.”

Heidi’s shops locally—meat’s from Ottomanelli’s, bread from Orwasher’s—and keeps its menu brief and manageable. Popular orders include shrimp tacos, crab dip, daily pasta specials, and mac ‘n’ cheese with add-ons that include bacon, chorizo, and lobster. “Great for the solo diner as well,” ipsedixit adds.

Heidi’s House by the Side of the Road [Upper East Side]
308 E. 78th Street (between First and Second avenues), Manhattan

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Photo from Heidi’s House by the Side of the Road

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