Bottled horseradish loses its kick too fast for kseiverd, so she’s resorted to buying fresh horseradish. But she admits on Chowhound that gnarly looking horseradish root is something of a mystery. How do you use it?

It’s not so mysterious, rasputina says. Just grate whatever you need for cooking or garnishing right before using (the microplane grater, beloved by Chowhounds, is perfect for this job). And it is definitely important to grate, not chop or mince, your peeled horseradish root, ferret explains, since grating releases the heat.

Chowhound ferret adds vinegar within 30 minutes of grating to “set” the flavor. BobB does that too, and notes that the vinegar gives it a spreadable consistency.

Bottom line: Grate and enjoy!

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Photo by Flickr member SummerTomato under Creative Commons

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