“Why did we ever scorn such wonderfulness?” Sarah asks on Chowhound—she’s talking about the retro dip made from packaged onion soup mix and cream cheese or sour cream. A lot of us get all fancy and make a dip with real caramelized onions and goat cheese, but the processed original is still a guilty pleasure for some Chowhounds. And while changing tastes have denied a younger generation the pleasure of even trying onion soup dip, pikawicca notes that when they do try it, they usually inhale the stuff.

The biggest throwback challenge is conquering onion soup mix’s extreme saltiness. Samalicious‘s solution is to use only half the packet and let the finished dip sit overnight to let the flavors mellow. Other ‘hounds make their own versions: Terrie H. makes a salt-controlled version with a little blue cheese, while Karl S makes it with Penzeys dried onions and a bit of sugar, freshly ground pepper, chervil or parsley, cayenne, and celery salt (essential for umami).

For reduced salt with less assembly time, dump the packet of soup mix into a medium-fine sieve and shake out about half of the salty seasoning powder. You’ll end up with all the onion bits but only about 50 percent of the salt.

Finally, some like it hot: HillJ‘s husband loves his onion soup dip topped with dried onions and baked 10 minutes until bubbly. Wonderful.

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Photo by Flickr member zombieite under Creative Commons

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