Xiao long bao, also known as soup dumplings, are a popular treat that inspires debate from fans who seek out the best. The new Xiao Long Bao restaurant on Clement Street in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond district probably won’t be on anyone’s best soup dumpling list, but the savory mini-pancakes are worth getting excited about.

Chowhound elise h adores the pork with bok choy and crispy scallion pancakes. Several others liked the shrimp, chive, and egg vermicelli pancake they tried when the Xiao Long Bao first opened, but the recipe has changed (in place of plump, fresh shrimp, there are now tiny dried ones).

Note that Xiao Long Bao isn’t a full-service restaurant, but a casual, quick, and affordable place with counter ordering and just a few tables. You can watch the cooks make bao in the window and pause to admire their technique, even though you’ll probably end up admiring the pancakes once you’re inside.

Xiao Long Bao [Inner Richmond]
625 Clement Street, San Francisco

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Image from Google Maps

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