Hawaiian food is a prime example of culinary fusion, a place where North American and Asian foods meet on a heap of rice. LA’s South Bay is where you’ll find great renditions of Hawaii’s classics: loco moco, Spam musubi, poke, shave ice, and more. Here’s where Chowhounds go for comfy island dishes oozing aloha spirit:

• According to flylice2x, Bob’s Hawaiian is the place to go for lau lau: pork wrapped in taro leaf, paired with trimmings like lomi salmon, rice, and poke. Things get crowded on Sundays, when there’s live Hawaiian music.

Bruddah’s Hawaiian Foods in Gardena has great kalua pork, moist and smoky and served with cabbage. Bruddah’s has the kind of patina that comes from generations of locals showing up to have a good time.

• At the coffee shop inside Gardena Bowl, the loco moco comes with Portuguese sausage rather than a hamburger patty, two scoops of rice, two fried eggs, grilled onions, and plenty of gravy.

Rutt’s Café is known for its huge royales, a Hawaiian take on fried rice. What gets thrown into the mix is up to you, be it char siu, Spam, or teriyaki beef. Spam musubi and Hawaiian-bread French toast are good, too.

Brian’s Shave Ice has tons of flavors and toppings, bulavinaka notes, and says the ice isn’t too slushy. Find out what’s the flavor of the week.

Bob’s Hawaiian Style Restaurant [South Bay]
15926 Western Avenue, Gardena

Bruddah’s Hawaiian Foods [South Bay]
1033 W. Gardena Boulevard, Gardena

Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop [South Bay]
15707 S. Vermont Avenue, Gardena

Rutt’s Café [Westside – Inland]
12114 Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles

Brian’s Shave Ice [Sawtelle Corridor]
11301 W. Olympic Boulevard, Suite 103, Los Angeles

Discuss: Roy’s or other Hawaiian food in the L.A. area?

Photo of Bob’s by Flickr member LWY under Creative Commons

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