When Chowhounds swap Sichuan tips in Queens, they’re talking mostly about two restaurants, Little Pepper and Spicy & Tasty. Now a third has earned a place in the conversation: Hly Chinese Cuisine, which opened last month south of downtown Flushing. Peter Cuce says it’s serving some of the best Sichuan food in town.

Its ox tongue and tripe (pictured) features tender meat in a nutty, spicy sauce with uncommon breadth of flavor. Water boiled fish and pork with vegetable roasted chile are also very good. Hly—whose vowel-challenged English name has a Chinese counterpart that scoopG translates as “three ordinary guys”—serves Dongbei dishes from northeastern China as well as Sichuan. One worth trying is beef stew with roasted potatoes, a simple but flavorful dish that Peter “couldn’t stop eating.”

Hly Chinese Cuisine [Flushing]
43-23 Main Street (near Dahlia Avenue), Flushing, Queens

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Photo by Peter Cuce

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