6 Ways to Perk Up Broccoli

Broccoli doesn't always have to be steamed and served plain (in other words, boring). Try these six easy ways Chowhounds like to liven up this weeknight vegetable:

1. Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli is a crowd-pleaser. – pagesinthesun

2. Toast a mixture of panko breadcrumbs, chopped garlic, lemon rind, Aleppo pepper, and salt, then sprinkle it on steamed broccoli. – JungMann

3. Using a mortar and pestle, mash a few anchovies and a clove of garlic, then mix in olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper, and toss with steamed broccoli. – Isolda

4. Heston Blumenthal's high-heat broccoli recipe yields concentrated flavor in five minutes. – twyst

5. Finely chop broccoli and microwave for 30 seconds, then toss with dried cranberries and toasted almonds and dress with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper. – PBandT

6. Whisk together yogurt, lemon juice, and garam masala then drizzle over cooked broccoli. – prima

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Photo of CHOW's Roasted Broccoli Bagna Cauda by Chris Rochelle / CHOW.com

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