It’s easy to make signature blends for flavored salts, mixing and matching herbs and spices to yield some great homemade gifts. Chowhound suzigirl uses a simple formula: Pulse one part coarse sea salt and one part dried herbs in a food processor until the mixture is the texture of kosher salt. Then add two parts kosher or fine sea salt and mix well.

To make celery salt, dry celery leaves in the oven, then crumble and mix with salt. It’s way better than commercial celery salt, says chefathome. (Other favorites: vanilla bean salt, and a blend with rosemary and dried citrus peels.)

In summer, PamelaD makes basil salt by pulsing lots of fresh basil with salt in the food processor, then spreading it in a thin layer on parchment and drying in the oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

For more ideas, check out CHOW’s recipes for DIY Flavored Salts.

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