Comfort food with Asian touches is the focus at Tribeca Canvas, which marks a departure for Chef Masaharu Morimoto of the namesake Japanese restaurant. “No sushi, no sashimi,” the Iron Chef promises. Instead, expect fusion-y bites like shrimp nachos with ranch dressing and gochujang aioli; steamed mussels with chorizo and miso-sake bouillabaisse; hamachi tacos with guacamole and jalapeño; and steamed buns with lamb ragu, raita, and pickled daikon. “Everything was tasty,” says Chowhound kosmose7, who tried, among other things, Duck Duck Cous (pictured), an entrée of seared duck breast and duck leg confit gyoza. For dessert, he recommends the brownie sundae.

Tribeca Canvas [Tribeca]
313 Church Street (between Lispenard and Walker streets), Manhattan

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Photo from kosmose7

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