Fans of Recchiuti Confections, which sells prettily wrapped peanut butter pucks and caramels at a stall in the Ferry Building, now have another location to fuel their sugar lust.

Michael Recchiuti‘s ChocolateLab opened four weeks ago in the Dogpatch neighborhood. Despite the name, it’s more than a dessert café. In addition to a terroir-focused wine list and wine cocktails, the menu features savory bites, like a French goat cheese soufflé, a bay shrimp tartine, and a Fatted Calf charcuterie plate.

Local Chowhound tjinsf preferred the savory portion of the menu, particularly the warm toasted Frittata Tartine made from a vegetable frittata spread with salsa verde. As far as an excellent bittersweet chocolate custard served with jasmine tea foam, either the price or the portion size needs to be adjusted (at $10, it seemed pricey to tjinsf).

Another hound had the opposite experience. Great sweets (like a burnt caramel sundae) eclipsed a lame savory, but as MagicMarkR countered, “Maybe eating a frittata while also eating a sundae didn’t help.”

ChocolateLab [Dogpatch]
801 22nd Street, San Francisco

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Photo of bay shrimp tartine from ChocolateLab

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