A Los Angeles candy shop that opened in 1924 finally made its way up north, landing in San Francisco’s emerging Mid-Market neighborhood. Littlejohn’s Candies is most famous for its English toffee, its first product back when the company was run by Mr. and Mrs. Littlejohn, and still arguably the best. Local Chowhound hhc went to check out the new shop, and filed an early report.

Littlejohn’s offers free samples of the toffee but none of the other candies, which are sold by weight; the toffee, chocolates, and caramels are all made in the store, but there are also items in bags and jars made elsewhere. And the candies—like molasses-flavored honeycomb dipped in chocolate, and Pecan Gadgets of sandwiched caramel, chocolate, and pecan—have a vintage feel. Thumbs-up, hhc says, to sweet, buttery Marshmallow Delights (pictured).

Littlejohn’s Candies [Tenderloin]
1422 Market Street, San Francisco

Photo courtesy of hhc

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