Hostaria del Piccolo, an Italian restaurant in downtown Santa Monica, has impressed Chowhounds for more than a year with its delicious fare. Though the kitchen’s been praised for its pizzas, ilysla visited recently and came away raving about the pastas. The pasticcio—noodles layered with braised meat, béchamel sauce, and Parmesan—was fantastic. Same with the spinach pappardelle, which had a nice, chewy texture and rich, satisfying duck ragú. “I actually slowed down the eating process to savor the flavors,” ilysla says. Locals can enjoy the food at home, notes sushigirlie, who’s had “one great delivery meal after another from Hostaria Del Piccolo.”

Hostaria del Piccolo [Westside – Beaches]
606 Broadway Street, Santa Monica

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Photo from Hostaria del Piccolo / Facebook

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