A low-carb regimen can get monotonous. Creative hounds have some tips that will make it less boring and more delicious.

Nuts are nutritious and a great snack or topping. Blanched almonds, deep fried, are heavenly, says Candy. Watch them closely, and remove from the oil as soon as they begin to color. Any kind of nut can be blanched and fried or toasted. Toss them with spices or herbs, for a very satisfying treat. And try substituting sunflower seeds or pepitas (pumpkin seeds) for croutons to give your salad a nice crunch.

Tofu can be used in many preparations, from a main dish stir-fry to slicing firm tofu for little finger sandwiches.

Spaghetti squash, and zucchini sliced into long, thin ribbons both make a nice pasta substitute.Dreamfields makes a low carb pasta (5 grams of carbohydrategrams vs. 35 in regular pasta, says isabellaflynn).

Pureed cauliflower really tastes like mashed potatoes, says Petitpois.

You can indulge yourself with thick Greek full fat yogurt. It has fewer carbs than low fat.

And, try making a few things. Make flourless crepes with egg batter, and use them like wonton wrappers to enclose finely chopped raw or sauteed vegetables. Or, make yourself some parmesan crisps; they’re a delicate cracker-like snack, and very easy to make. Grate some parmesan; grease a cookie sheet, and spread a couple of tablespoons of the cheese into a thin circle for each crisp. Broil until golden and bubbly. Let cool.

Dark chocolate, with a high percentage of cacao, is lower in carbs than regular chocolate. Lindt dark chocolate bars are good ones to check out, and available in many grocery stores.

This recipe for doughnut holes uses Splenda and protein powder. Really good, says Cinnamon:

Here’s a good website, with recipes, an active message board, and lots of related links.

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