Keep a jar of prepared horseradish in the fridge, and it’s easy to perk up any number of foods. Use it any time you want to give a creamy dish some bite, kubasd recommends on Chowhound. Try it in mashed potatoes, potato salad, or deviled eggs. And horseradish is splatgirll‘s secret for great coleslaw.

Several Chowhounds like horseradish with fish, mixed with sour cream for a cold sauce, or added to a wine-enriched cream sauce—pinehurst even adds it to fish stews.

Horseradish spices up Jezebel sauce, an old Southern standard also containing fruit preserves and mustard, to serve with meats or cream cheese and crackers. And Novelli spreads split baguettes with horseradish-herb compound butter, then broils until bubbly.

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Photo by Flickr member TheDeliciousLife under Creative Commons

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