Daniel Delaney trucked in a massive smoker and a ton of post oak wood from Austin, Texas, which tells you something about the depth of his barbecue obsession. His mission: to bring Central Texas–style ‘cue to New York. Those who checked out his popular Brisketlab pop-ups this summer said he was on the right track. Now Delaney’s put down roots at BrisketTown, his new restaurant in Williamsburg. Expect real-deal Texas brisket, says Chowhound kathryn, who describes tender, fatty meat that ranks right up there with the city’s best barbecue and even Hill Country destinations like Smitty’s Market and Black’s.

BrisketTown [Williamsburg]
359 Bedford Avenue (at S. Fifth Street), Brooklyn

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Daniel Delaney’s Brisket Lab

Photo by BrisketTown

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