It’s hard to resist a freshly baked cinnamon roll with a filling that oozes. Ones made from butter-rich brioche dough are Chowhound favorites, like this one with a cream cheese icing. DebL says it makes rolls that are “almost as big as a child’s head.”

In these cream cheese cinnamon rolls, the cheese is rolled into the brioche dough, a genius touch that makes every bite “soft, gooey, sweet, and delicious,” biondanonima says. And instead of an iced cinnamon roll, chowser favors the syrupy topping of Dorie Greenspan’s honey-pecan sticky buns (pictured).

For something simpler, Chowhounds give this recipe from Pioneer Woman lots of love. It has a huge yield, so haiku. makes a quarter recipe; they also freeze well, annfaulkner says. Avalondaughter likes to add pecans to the filling, and flavors the icing with vanilla rather than the maple and coffee the recipe calls for.

Whatever the recipe, chowser has a strategy for having the rolls ready for the breakfast table without getting up at the crack of dawn. Make the dough and shape the rolls the night before, then give them a slow second rise overnight in the fridge and bake in the morning. And chefathome‘s tip for “extremely ooey and gooey and buttery” rolls: Use twice the filling.

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Photo by JoanN

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