Whether you’re planning an entirely meatless Thanksgiving or just want to offer a vegetarian main with the turkey, you need to come up with something special. Butternut squash lasagna has gotten a lot of thumbs-up lately on Chowhound’s Vegetarian & Vegan board. To make hers, callmijane purées roasted squash with a bit of onion, then layers it with noodles, ricotta, béchamel sauce, and fontina cheese. For a lasagna with chunks of winter squash, try this one with hazelnuts and fresh mozzarella, or CHOW’s version with chestnuts and Gorgonzola. And for a different autumnal flavor, ratgirlagogo recommends CHOW’s Winter Greens Lasagna (pictured).

For a “truly impressive” presentation, IndyGirl recommends this roasted pumpkin stuffed with vegetable stew. She also thinks this nut, mushroom, and cheese loaf is fabulous for Thanksgiving, especially paired with smashed potatoes with roasted garlic gravy. Bonus: Leftovers are great.

For more ideas, check out CHOW’s gallery of vegetarian main dishes for Thanksgiving.

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Photo by Chris Rochelle / CHOW.com

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