The Bash Burger (pictured) at Burger & Barrel Winepub is a fine thing even without condiments: a well-seasoned patty of high-quality beef from celebrity butcher Pat LaFrieda, beautifully seared on the griddle, served with pickles and American cheese, and crowned with onion rings. But what puts it over the top is a house-made jam of chopped bacon and caramelized onion—”genius!” kathryn declares on Chowhound. Tubulus, who finds the Bash Burger disappointingly light on bacon and heavy on pickles, prefers the mushroom and Gruyère burger (with caramelized onion and Dijon mayonnaise). Both are very good, though, he adds.

Burger & Barrel Winepub [SoHo]
25 W. Houston Street (at Mercer Street), Manhattan

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Photo by Burger & Barrel Winepub

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