I’m really excited to announce the debut of our new video series MDRN KTCHN, about the science and technology of cooking. For this series, CHOW has partnered with the brilliant folks at Modernist Cuisine to dig into the most cutting-edge tools, ingredients, and techniques of modernist cooking.

Every Sunday, Modernist Cuisine’s director of applied research, Scott Heimendinger, will break down the hows and whys of modernist cooking in a fun, direct way. Some weeks the show will be more of a demo, like this week’s premiere episode, which shows how to turn fancy cheeses supermelty. Other weeks, Scott will talk about broader modernist cooking principles, like (teaser) next week’s episode on basic sous-vide cooking.

It’s a really exciting time to be working with the Modernist Cuisine team, since the home-cooking version of their epic Modernist Cuisine book, aptly titled Modernist Cuisine at Home, launches today! We can’t wait to present the cookbook’s concepts in video form, and we hope you’ll find the series fun, informative, and inspirational.

You can watch MDRN KTCHN here on CHOW every Sunday in the “Video” section of the site. And if you’ve got any modernist cooking questions, or topics you’d like to see Scott cover, please leave a comment!

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