Parsnips are root vegetables that look sort of like ivory-colored carrots and have a sweet, earthy flavor. In a recent discussion on ways to cook parsnips, many Chowhounds recommended roasting. Tartinet cuts peeled parsnips into sticks, tosses them with oil or chicken fat, salt, and pepper, then spreads them on a baking sheet and roasts at 400 degrees Fahrenheit until the edges are brown. Browning brings out their sweetness, DrMag says.

You can play up that sweetness by drizzling with a bit of honey or maple syrup before roasting, Harters says. (That’s the approach in CHOW’s Honey-Mustard Parsnips recipe, pictured).

Parsnip soup is also popular with hounds. DuchessNukem makes a delicate version by simmering sliced parsnips in chicken broth with a bit of sherry or white wine, salt, and pepper, then puréeing (enriching with milk or cream is optional). Parsnips work “incredibly well” with curry flavors, says flashria, who adds onion, garlic, and Indian curry paste to a puréed soup made with equal parts broth and milk. And cheesecake17 says parsnips really enhance the flavor of classic matzo ball soup.

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