Many Chowhounds buy unpasteurized cider, both for the sake of being close to nature and for the beautiful fermentation that happens in the fridge after about three weeks. The natural yeasts in the cider go to work, and it gets slightly fizzy and ferment-y, improving in flavor for about ten days, says Karl S.

The problem with unpasteurized cider is that it doesn’t keep well. Solution: freeze it, say chowhounds. It doesn’t alter the taste of the cider and doesn’t kill the little yeast beasties that call your cider their home, and make it fizzy for you with their wild yeast orgies. For yeast, a trip to the freezer is like a ten-hour business meeting–they just kind of space out the whole time, and when they get out they’re ready to party.

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Should I Freeze My Apple Cider?

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