The time it takes to make homemade stock pays off in the form of riches in your freezer for weeks to come, but what’s the best way to store it? In a recent discussion on Chowhound, Caroline1 described freezing stock in twist-to-release ice cube trays, then packaging the frozen cubes in plastic bags. That’s bbqJohn‘s method, too, after reducing the stock to a concentrate; he adds a cup of water along with a frozen stock cube when a recipe calls for a cup of broth.

Meanwhile, rudysmom freezes stock in repurposed deli containers. Plastic bags are OK, too: Run the bag under hot water to release the frozen stock, then transfer to a pan. Similarly, dmjordan uses muffin tins to freeze stock in convenient portions—silicone muffin cups are especially easy to peel from frozen stock, jedovaty says. And John E. freezes stock in half-liter water bottles, then defrosts it in hot water. “I freeze the bottles standing up and then stack them on their sides on the freezer shelf,” John E. says.

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