There are lots of ways to make chewy coconut macaroons. One method talked about recently on Chowhound uses eggs as the sole binder for the other ingredients. Mark Bittman’s recipe—a simple mixture of coconut, sugar, egg whites, and vanilla—is “the easiest,” maria lorraine says. CHOW’s version (pictured) adds a bit of honey. Meanwhile, cheesehead in recovery prefers a recipe that calls for whole eggs, from the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

Then there are the recipes for dairy-rich macaroons, like the Ina Garten recipe that calls for sweetened condensed milk; magiesmom likes these best. Macaroon aficionado raygunclan, who has tried over a dozen recipes, gives top marks to Joanne Chang’s version, which calls for a pastry cream base. “Not the easiest,” raygunclan says, but “the end result is WELL worth it!”

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