As the 2012 baseball season ebbs and the Mets circle the drain, the most compelling action at Citi Field might be at the food stands, suggested a recent Chowhound thread. Elite butcher Pat LaFrieda set up shop this month behind left-center field, firing up the fans with a sandwich of griddled Black Angus filet mignon with Monterey Jack and caramelized onion on a baguette (pictured). The meat is tender and flavorful, the bread crusty and just about perfect, says BillyBob, who faults only the overwhelmingly sweet onion and “Wall Street–like” $15 price tag.

Elsewhere at Citi Field, Little Astoria, the Greek stand in the World’s Fare Market food court (on Field Level in the right-field corner), serves a surprisingly good gyro, BillyBob reports. And the Mama’s of Corona stands, hound-endorsed ballpark outposts of nearby Leo’s Latticini, still come through in the clutch with a great roasted pork sandwich with freshly made mozzarella.

Pat LaFrieda’s Original Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich [Flushing]
Field Level near Section 139 at Citi Field, Roosevelt Avenue at 126th Street, Flushing, Queens
No phone available

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Photo by Nick Solares / Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors

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