Food mills are versatile tools that can handle many kitchen tasks, according to a recent Chowhound discussion. Because it separates skins and seeds from fruits and vegetables, a food mill makes quick work of puréeing tomatoes for soup or sauce and making applesauce. Chowhounds also recommend it for smooth mashed potatoes and creamy puréed soups.

What’s more, bmorecupcake uses a food mill to effortlessly remove chickpeas’ skins for hummus. JoanN makes raspberry sauce by putting fresh or thawed frozen berries through the mill, then adding sugar and lemon juice to taste. She stores the sauce in a squeeze bottle in the freezer and uses it to top ice cream and cakes. “It’s [h]eavenly to have on hand all winter long.”

Discuss: Uses for a food mill?

Photo of food mill from Shutterstock

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