At Lakeside Diner, the pancakes are so good you may not even want syrup. “I think I’m in love,” sighs adamclyde, whose object of desire is eggy, slightly tangy, more savory than sweet, and most surely made in-house from a real recipe, not from Acme Food Services Pancake Mix #1. They’re thin, around eight inches across, and cooked to a delicate crisp. “The other diner pancakes I’ve had in Stamford tasted like Bisquick batter,” adam adds. “This place is unique and has their own recipe. And I think it works great.”

Beyond pancakes, go for the solid and filling Lakeside Special (two eggs, bacon, ham, or sausage, home fries, French toast, and toast)–a ton of decent breakfast chow for $5.

Lakeside Diner [Fairfield County]
1050 Long Ridge Rd., near Webbs Hill Rd., Stamford, CT

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Pancakes at Lakeside diner in Stamford

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