You can do a lot of delicious things with a scallop. Here are three, brought together in an occasional special at Yuba, a hound favorite in the East Village:

The liver-y, coral-pink roe is steamed and presented on the half shell in a clear broth full of clean ocean flavors, alkonost reports. The chewy-crunchy mantle, reminiscent of clam, comes in a spicy salad with crisp, cool julienned cucumber. Finally the creamy adductor muscle (the part that’s most often seen in restaurant dishes) is served as sashimi, sliced and arranged like flower petals over lemon and shiso leaf. Shoyu is available for extra flavor; this scallop didn’t need it. “I loved all three preparations,” alkonost says. “It’s amazing how many flavors and textures you can get out of a single scallop.”

Yuba [East Village]
105 E. Ninth Street (between Third and Fourth avenues), Manhattan

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