Cooking corn on the cob in the microwave is faster and easier than boiling or steaming over a flame, and if you remove the husk after cooking, there’s a bonus: The silk comes away effortlessly, with no strays stuck to the corn. Simply peel back the husk as you would if shucking raw corn, or slice the stem end off and shake the ear out, as demonstrated in this video.

“[T]his is my go to method and will never go back to boiling a pot of water for corn,” geminigirl says. greygarious thinks corn “picks up extra goodness” from being steamed in the husk. Most hounds microwave it on high power for a couple of minutes per ear. Right after cooking, the corn is too hot to handle with bare hands, so wait a couple of minutes before shucking or use Ove Gloves.

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Astounding method for shucking corn

Photograph of corn on the cob from Shutterstock

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