Les Zygomates wine bar in Boston

The bistro scene in Boston has grown by “leaps and bounds” since Les Zygomates opened nearly two decades ago, but it still has its merits, hotoynoodle says. The wine list is “interesting and affordable, martinis are a very generous pour, oysters are usually top-notch, and charcuterie and pâté [are] very good.”

MC Slim JB notes that Les Zygomates is one of the only restaurants to regularly offer live music (mostly jazz), but those who prefer quiet can sit in a separate dining room. Still, BrettLove says: “If you go on a weekday, even the ‘quiet’ side of Les Zygomates can get fairly jammed with an ‘after work drinks crowd.'”

As far as the main menu goes, hotoynoodle thinks the potatoes mousseline, riced potatoes mixed with cream and butter, are worth a try. “Light in texture,” hotoynoodle says. “Yet dripping with fatty calories. Delish!”

Les Zygomates [Leather District]
129 South Street, Boston

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