Though there are a lot of affordable olive oils at Fairway Market, erica likes unfiltered, extra-virgin DOP Gata-Hurdes from Extremadura, Spain. It’s delicious and amazingly complex in flavor, bob96 says, and a deal at $19 a liter. Gata-Hurdes is just one of many values at Fairway, bob96 adds, including Barbera extra virgin oils from Sicily, coratina from Puglia, koroneiki from Greece, and arbequina from Catalonia. Most are under $20 a liter, many cost quite a bit less, and all are available for tasting.

Sloth, whose go-to spot for olive oil used to be Trader Joe’s, is a Fairway convert. “Better selection, tastings, and 3-liter cans available at great prices,” Sloth explains. iluvcookies largely agrees, but still calls TJ’s oil “a pretty good value for around $7 a liter.”

Others like the moderately priced oils at Whole Foods, especially the house brand. The 365 line includes a pretty good blend for around $7 a liter, von_levi says. And every month or so, premium-brand oils show up at deep markdowns.

Fairway Market [Upper West Side]
2127 Broadway (at W. 74th Street), Manhattan

Trader Joe’s [Union Square]
142 E. 14th Street (between Third and Fourth avenues), Manhattan

Whole Foods Market [Lower East Side]
95 E. Houston Street (at Bowery), Manhattan

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Photograph of olive oil from Shutterstock

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