Scandinavian food is hot, though there’s been little to explore in San Francisco. Now there’s Plaj, a new restaurant in Hayes Valley that Chowhound artemis is excited about.

artemis likes the “light, bright, and balanced” flavors that lean toward the acidic from Swedish-born chef and owner Roberth Sundell. Highlights: gravlax, halibut, herring, and a burrata dish quite unlike versions the Bay Area is used to. Also a success was an airy chocolate torte strewn with chunks of crunchy meringue. And while artemis’s party wasn’t fond of the lamb and pork belly on the charcuterie plate, those were the kitchen’s only stumbles.

The service was good, artemis notes, though in a world where Ikea has branded the Swedish design aesthetic as minimalist, Pläj’s stuffy, wood-paneled dining room feels out of place.

Pläj [Hayes Valley]
333 Fulton Street, San Francisco

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