Cheese curds. Most folks will recognize that they’re an early stage in the production of cheeses. Folks from, say, Wisconsin, will sigh longingly, because they’re a sort of regional dish, and because they’re tasty and unlike anything else. And the thing about cheese curds, as any aficionado will tell you, is that they’re supposed to squeak when you chew them.

That might sound weird, but try them and you will see EXACTLY what this means. Luckily, you can get them here–the Oakdale Cheese Stand at the Sunday Oakland farmer’s market sells gouda cheese curds, and they have a beautiful squeak to them, says Ruth Lafler. Allowing them to warm up a bit only enhances the squeakiness.

Oakdale Cheese [Stanislaus County]
10040 State Hwy. 120, Oakdale

Jack London Square Farmers’ Market [Jack London Square]
Broadway and Embarcadero, Oakland

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