A branch of the Hawaiian chain L&L has opened in Santa Monica to satisfy those plate-lunch cravings. Some people love it for the macaroni salad (an essential component of a plate lunch, although you CAN leave it off) alone. It may not be the best Hawaiian in town (your best bet for that is Bruddah’s in Gardena), but L&L satisfies with food like egg sandwiches with Spam or Portuguese sausage. Garlic shrimp and kalbi are particularly tasty; Spam musubi is pretty much foolproof. Kalua pork is solid, although the pork can be too salty–try getting it stir-fried with cabbage. BBQ chicken, though, is not their forte–it’s really the unhealthy food that’s the best here.

L&L Hawaiian BBQ [Beaches]
1916 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica

Bruddah’s Hawaiian Foods [South Bay]
1033 W. Gardena Blvd., between Vermont and Normandie, Gardena

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L&L Hawaiian BBQ now in Santa Monica

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