Is a shaken martini with lots of tiny ice slivers an abomination? JMF thinks so. While shaking is great for drinks containing juice or other cloudy ingredients, it doesn’t jibe with JMF’s aesthetic preference for clear cocktails. Plus when a martini is stirred, it has a sexy, silky, oily texture; shaking introduces excessive aeration, and the resulting ice slivers cause too much dilution.

But e_bone loves a shaken martini precisely for the ice slivers, which a friend calls “sleet.” Sneakeater likes the icy bits too, but also gets that cocktail purists sees the slivers as a flaw.

Maybe it’s all a matter of agreeing to disagree. “People should do, and drink, as they like,” davis_sq_pro says, “as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else!”

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