Dried sage is best used with restraint in poultry recipes (including classic Thanksgiving stuffing), but the rules are different for fresh sage at the height of the summer growing season.

Several hounds recommend sage pesto. tcamp uses this recipe with parsley, while chefathome prepares sage and mint pesto with almonds. It’s very good with pork tenderloin, twodales says.

Roasting pork on a bed of sage sprigs is another idea, Harters says. calliope_nh puts the stems directly on the coals when grilling pork, for some smoky sage flavor. Bacardi1 stuffs whole trout with a handful of sage leaves and thinly sliced lemon, then grills or pan-fries the fish. “Delicious—the sage aroma permeates very nicely,” Bacardi1 says.

To preserve sage as part of an interesting seasoning, try this Tuscan herb mix, in which sage, rosemary, garlic, and salt are combined and then dried together. “Smells heavenly and tastes delicious!” tcamp says.

And when it’s blistering outside, sage water is refreshing, esquimeaux says. Just add the leaves to cold water and serve over ice.

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