Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow, co-owners of New York City’s The Meatball Shop, are spicing up summer with our spiral-cut hot dogs (watch our video how-to here).

Executive Chef Daniel believes that spiral-cut hot dogs are going to be the big summer trend for 2015, noting that it’s clearly the best way to deliver condiments (whether it’s ketchup, mustard, pesto—you name it) on a hot dog. With their summer entertaining tips, Daniel and Michael encourage you to step up your hot dog game.

Michael takes The Meatball Shop’s signature pesto and pairs it with sliced tomatoes for an Italian-inspired version. “There’s nothing mundane about pesto,” Daniel explains. “It says, ‘I’m fancy.'” Although Daniel loves Michael’s pesto combination, he’s all about the Chicago-inspired pickle, red onion, hot sauce combo. For that, forget the pesto, place the grilled, spiral-cut dog in the toasted bun, add 1/4 large dill pickle (cut lengthwise), 1/4 diced red onion, and Tapatio hot sauce to taste.

Here are 11 recipes that’ll make those spiral-cut dogs that much sweeter!

1. Hot Dog Buns


Milk, butter, and egg enrich this simple yeast dough, to yield soft, tender buns that manage to hold up to juiciness and condiments. Get our Hot Dog Buns recipe.

2. Spicy Yellow Mustard


Store-bought “prepared” yellow mustard is a staple in most households, but with just a little planning, you can make your own mustard using ingredients that you probably already have on hand. Get our Spicy Yellow Mustard recipe.

3. Garden Pesto Spiral-Cut Hot Dog

Give the spiral-cut wiener a touch of Italian-American flair with this creation by The Meatball Shop: basil and spinach pesto lavished on a grilled dog, with a fan of sweet, juicy tomato slices. Get our Garden Pesto Spiral-Cut Hot Dog recipe.

4. Chicago-Style Spiral-Cut Hot Dog

Chef Daniel Holzman of The Meatball Shop came up with this bold, spiral-cut take on a Windy City classic! Pickles, onion, and tomato dress up a spiral-cut wiener to perfection! Get our Chicago-Style Spiral-Cut Hot Dog recipe.

5. Curried Ketchup


Should you put ketchup on a hot dog? Debatable. A touch of curry and some shallots bring just a hint of fancy to this one. Get our Curried Ketchup recipe.

6. Beer and Caraway Seed Mustard


Soaking mustard seeds in beer instead of wine gives a hoppy, rustic flavor that goes perfectly with grilled or braised dishes. Use this mustard on anything you’d drink a beer with, like a spiral-cut hot dog. Get our Beer and Caraway Seed Mustard recipe.

7. Whole-Grain Dijon Mustard


Dijon mustard gets its characteristic flavor from white wine that’s added to the mustard-seed soaking liquid. This version has a rustic, grainy texture that adds a pleasant pop to a dog. Get our Whole-Grain Dijon Mustard recipe.

8. Quick-Pickled Jalapeños


For these easy quick-pickled jalapeños, sliced chiles combine with white vinegar, water, sugar, and salt, with a few black peppercorns for extra flavor. Get our Quick-Pickled Jalapeños recipe.

9. Basic Sauerkraut


Sauerkraut is pleasantly crunchy and tangy, and the science-project aspect of fermenting it yourself is hard to resist. Use it to top the perfect hot dogs. Get our Basic Sauerkraut recipe.

10. Traditional Radler


A radler is a kind of beer-based “sports drink”—lager mixed with a soft drink, similar to an English shandy—a refreshing pick-me-up for guzzling when you stop at a kneipe, a countryside tavern, or for scarfing a dog off the grill. Get our Traditional Radler recipe.

11. Caramelized Onions


Caramelized onions add a sweet and savory note to anything they top. Try them over grilled chicken, with cheese on your next pizza, or on a spiral-cut dog. Get our Caramelized Onions recipe.

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