After Bowl’d opened on Solano Avenue in Albany last year, hounds praised the vivid flavors and generous portions of the Korean rice bowls. Now Spoon, a sister restaurant, has opened in Berkeley, and …tm… thinks the soondooboo (tofu stew) is exceptional.

What makes Spoon’s soondooboo stand out is the quality of the beef, notes …tm…: “It was a cut suited for long stewing, and cooked until tender and very flavorful. Most of the time when I order soft tofu soup the meat (or seafood) was an afterthought—thin beef slices briefly stir fried or frozen seafood dumped in whenever, but this beef was truly flavorful and worthy on its own.”

Note that Spoon closes at 4 p.m., so plan to visit for breakfast or lunch.

Spoon [East Bay]
933 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley

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Photograph of soondooboo by …tm…

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