What’s the secret to the perfect blue cheese burger? Choosing the right cheese and adding it the right way, according to Chowhounds. Recommendations include creamy-textured blues such as Roquefort, Cabrales, or Iowa-produced Maytag. To make sure the cheese is perfectly melted without dripping off the patty, escondido123 spreads room-temperature Roquefort on the hot, toasted bun before adding the burger.

mcf tucks blue cheese between two raw burger patties, then crimps the edges together and grills (this technique is demonstrated in CHOW’s Jucy Lucy recipe). The cheese “ooze[s] when you bite into it,” without sliding away, mcf says. Some hounds take the easiest route and dress their burgers with blue cheese dressing. It’s “like a combination of blue cheese and mayo, with a little extra tang,” says biondanonima.

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