Perhaps you read about tepache, the Mexican fermented pineapple drink (from prehispanic times!), in the October issue of Saveur. If not, well…it’s a fermented pineapple drink. With brown sugar. And sometimes beer, if you don’t really have patience for all that fermentation business.

And Huaraches Azteca, among their delicious aguas frescas, sometimes has this tipple of the ancients. It tastes, says sbudick, like… fermented pineapple. Odd, but kinda good. While you’re there, check out what may be the best antojitos in Los Angeles.

Note that while you don’t exactly have to have a beer and wine license to serve this stuff, you don’t want to feed it to the kiddies, either.

You can also sometimes find tepache sold by roving vendors in the northeast Valley, says Das Ubergeek.

Huaraches Aztecas Restaurant [Highland Park]
5225 York Blvd., Los Angeles
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Tepache agua fresca (fermented pineapple) at Huaraches Azteca

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