Does anyone really need brunch, or is it just an excuse to drink in the morning, as Samalicious quips? Skeptics like ttoommyy wonder if anyone actually craves brunch’s “fancied-up” egg dishes, or if we all just tolerate brunch as an excuse to socialize.

Some Chowhounds love the brunch experience, even if its appeal is largely unrelated to the food. “It’s an ability to enjoy food leisurely with good company, knowing that the rest of your day is, well, going to be spent mostly in leisure,” ipsedixit says. “If all of those things are in alignment, I could be eating expired beef jerky and sipping lukewarm coffee and still be a happy pup.”

Others love particular brunch dishes. punkin712 loves to make tuna omelets and homemade waffles; Bacardi1 makes a mean crab cake Benedict. chowser loves brunch’s mix of sweet and savory flavors, while MGZ loves, well, everything about it: “Make me a spicy Bloody Mary, offer some clever reinvention of eggs Benedict, play some old Ry Cooder cd in the background, and bring me a rare ribeye with two poached eggs on top. How can that be bad?”

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